Affordable Garden Design Ideas for Small and Big Gardens from Fantastic Gardeners

Are you in the process of planning a new garden? Or do you want to transform your old neglected garden by giving it a sleek makeover? If so, get some garden inspiration from the projects we’ve completed for London residents. And if you like something in particular and don’t have the know-how and skills to execute it on your own, give us a holla through one of the orange buttons on the website and we’ll take care of the rest.

Small Garden Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Bigger

Intricate small garden designs are all the rage right now, especially in big urban cities. The best part about this type of garden design is that almost anyone with a big enough balcony or small back garden can implement it and it won’t cost them a fortune. You don’t need to have a huge garden for it to look chic and trendy. Below you can see some small garden designs that we’ve worked on in the past.

Garden Landscaping Ideas for Complete Makeovers of Big and Medium-Sized Gardens

Revamping your garden with a fresh new landscaping design can change its looks and feel, completely. Whether you’re looking to add a nice patio for sitting and relaxing, an entertainment area for your children, or any other garden renovation design, those can be achieved with a bit of planning and professional help. But what if you’re not too sure how you want your garden to look? Then, check out these marvellous landscaping design ideas we’ve implemented in our customers’ gardens. Maybe, you can snag some inspiration from them.

Maintain Your Garden for It to Look Good

Proper garden design aside, regular garden maintenance is just as important. After all, your garden’s a living thing, so you can’t just let it turn into an overgrown jungle. You must look after it regularly or have a professional gardener pass by once in a while to straighten it out. Just check out how different these gardens look before and after the gardening team did their thing.

Letting the Sun Caress Your Garden

Trees are the lungs of the Earth, respectively of our gardens. But they need to be kept under control when grown in urban areas. And sometimes we need to take the hard decision to remove a dead or diseased woody plant.

Annual tree trimming and pruning is not only necessary to keep your trees under control. It is beneficial for their health and longevity, too. Moreover, a properly trimmed tree doesn’t block sunlight for the rest of the flora in your garden.

Formative pruning also helps trees grow stronger and prettier, while tree trimming eliminates the possibility of wonky branches becoming a health hazard. If you’re still hesitating to have your tree pruned or trimmed, just look at how clean our customers’ gardens look after our tree surgery team visited them.

Keeping Your Hard Landscaping Clean

Regardless of how low-maintenance your hard landscaping is, chances are it will get mossy and slippery at some point. Every patio, decking and paved area requires some maintenance from time to time to look its best. And what better way to maintain your slabs, concrete or wood than having them pressure washed a couple of times a year.

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