A Croydon Garden Maintenance Job

Hours: 3
Project price: £150
Teams: 3 gardeners
Materials price: £30

As garden maintenance goes, our Croydon client asked us for the full pack - we had to reseed part of the lawn, have it mowed, plant a couple of plants in his planters and, finally, trim the bushes, trees and partially remove an ivy. It was also requested that we clean the garden patio with a pressure washer.

We brought a bag of lawn seeds and another one of fertiliser. The materials were not the vital part of this project, but rather the specialised equipment. As always, the team brought all the tools needed.

We decided to send 3 gardeners, as the tasks required were suitable for this setup and we’d save the client time. Our experience has taught us, that a team is always more efficient than a single expert.

Step 1: Preparation for the job

As soon as the gardeners arrived in Croydon, they discussed some details with the client and got final instructions. Meanwhile, a team member unpacked the equipment and got it ready.

Step 2: Mowing and trimming

Actual gardening service begins. As planned, one specialist would take care of the flower planting, while the others would mow the lawn and trim the hedges in question. Parallel work was our priority as we’d finish sooner, yet maintain quality results.

Step 3: Re-seeding and jet washing

After finishing the initial tasks, the second part of the project takes place. As one of the professionals took care of jet washing the patio, the other two got to reseed the dead turf patches of lawn and fertilise it.

Step 4: Watering

Everything planted was watered, as necessary. We thanked our host, collected all the tools from the worksite, and headed on our way.

Please have in mind that garden maintenance tasks are charged per hour. The above-mentioned price is only valid for this project and the work done.

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The Garden Looks Amazing
I’m happy with how the team distributed their time. Plenty of work was done in less than 3 hours and the garden looks amazing now.

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