A Quick Jet washing in Kilburn

Hours: 2
Project price: £75
Teams: 2 gardeners
Materials price: £0

Dirty patios are a common sight in London, and this property in Kilburn could use a little cleaning in that regard. The owner decided to book our pressure washing service to restore the original look of his patio.

Unlike many landscaping projects where the gardening team would need two or more days to complete the assignment, pressure washing only takes several hours and requires no materials.

Since plants are always present around patios, we never use detergents when jet washing. Pure water under high pressure is enough to remove dirt, moss and other grime from patios, and other paved areas. Of course, the teams are equipped with professional machinery and bring all kinds of nozzles with them, so they can attach the jet washer to any water source.

Step 1: Measuring the area

The first thing the local gardeners did was to measure the patio area’s size. This is usually done to ensure the client has been quoted correctly. After that, they got the washer and all the rest of the needed equipment out of the company van.

Step 2: Preparation

The patio was prepared for cleaning. One of the gardeners in Kilburn used a leaf blower to remove all the leaves and excessive grime, while the other attached the pressure washer to water and electricity sources.

Step 3: Jet washing

The entire patio area was professionally cleaned along with the garden furniture. The team moved from the highest level of the patio down. That’s how jet washing and all other cleaning processes should be done to make sure that the already cleaned parts won’t get dirty again.

Step 4: Inspection of the final result

When the cleaning was over, the gardening team called the Kilburn client to inspect their work. Everything was perfect, so they gathered their gear and left.

Please mind that jet washing jobs are charged per m2. The price given above is only valid for this job.

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Thank you, Fantastic Gardeners
Our patio has been dirty ever since we bought the property some years ago. I’m glad I found a company which uses no chemicals when pressure washing. Thank you, Fantastic Gardeners, for the great job and for keeping my plants safe. I will definitely recommend you, lads.

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