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High-End Landscaping & Garden Design for Your Property

Imagine your garden just the way you want it to look right down to the last detail. SNAP! Easily done! Fantastic Gardeners are here to make it happen for you with artful landscaping and garden design in London. Just tell us exactly what you want! The expert landscapers at Fantastic Gardeners eager to give your garden that WOW factor and make it the most stunning in the whole neighbourhood.

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Here you can take a look of the many ways Fantastic Gardeners can help you. Now you can beautify your home with a wide selection of window boxes with charming blooms.

  • Removal of vegetation – Fantastic Gardeners can clear all the existing vegetation from your garden and prepare the area for a complete redesign.
  • Levelling – The specialists can level the ground in case it’s not entirely even as part of the landscaping preparation or lawn mowing service request.
  • Turfing – Your lawn will be lush green, fresh and even, after a turfing procedure.
  • Gravelling – Gravel and decorative stones can contribute a great deal to the good looks of your garden.
  • Planting – Just tell us exactly what kind of plants you want to have in your garden and it will be done in no time. If you like your new plants next to the windows, you can take advantage of our window boxes.
  • Fencing – You can choose from a variety of options such as wooden or concrete posts, standard or custom-build close board panels. In addition, the gardeners can even stain or paint your newly installed fence.
  • Patio Laying – In case your house doesn’t have a patio, then the gardeners can totally construct one for you as part of a service.
  • Paving – Fantastic Gardeners can easily provide you with pavement to complement your already luscious garden.
  • Making Pathways – Any material and size are within the skills of your trusty gardeners.
  • Decking – If you want your house to have a deck, then just say so and consider the task done.
  • Deck Cleaning and Oiling – And in case your house already has a deck, you can rely on the gardeners for any type of maintenance.
  • Trellis Installation – If you want to get some climbing plants and shrubs, but lack a trellis, be sure to look us up.
  • Shed Installation (or removal) – Need a shed for your gardening tools and other hardware? The gardeners can install one for you. They can also remove your old shed if that is what you wish.
  • Artificial Grass – Artificial grass requires no mowing or watering, no wonder so many people want it in their gardens.
  • Window Boxes Installation – Improve curb appeal and add colour to your property with bespoke window boxes from Fantastic Gardeners. Choose from a wide variety of materials, plant combinations and receive expert tips.
  • Resin Bound Surfacing – Resin Bound is slip-resistant, durable and long-lasting. A perfect addition to your garden.
  • Garden Lighting – The professionals will provide your garden with quality lights, so you can enjoy it during night-time as well.
  • Outdoor Repairs – You have to repair the shed roof, but you’re too busy? Perhaps the fence and decking are in dire need of fixing? Don’t worry, when it comes to outdoor repairs you can trust us. We’ll help you with any outdoor chore you have.

Because Fantastic Gardeners’ Takes Care of Everything!

  • Customer care at hand 24/7;
  • Flexible booking options available;
  • All work is carried out up to highest professionals standards;
  • Multi-skilled, professional gardeners at your service;
  • Bad weather is never a problem;
  • A no obligation on-site survey before each job;

Simply contact us at a time of your convenience and talk to our customer care staff. Tell them exactly what kind improvements you want for your garden and what would be the most appropriate day and time for a visitation by the gardeners. Please be advised, that surveys are available within the M25 area only and cost £15.

Meet the gardeners at your front gate when the time for the service comes and show them around the place. Tell exactly what you need right down to the last detail. They will be able to give you an exact quote for the job in 3 to 5 working days. Also, you can rely on their professional advice regarding your new gardening project.

As soon as you approve the quotation, you can arrange a day for the specialists to get to work.

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