Turfing Project in Clapham

Hours: 5
Project price: £705
Teams: 2 landscapers
Materials price: £400

They say the grass is greener on the other side. This could mean only one thing - the neighbours pay more attention to the maintenance of their lawn. We were contacted by a client in Clapham who was tired of comparing his lawn to the one on the other side of the fence.

We arranged an onsite viewing and discussed what needs to be done, so our customer’s lawn is the greenest on the block.

Next thing to do was to supply the materials needed for the revival of the lawn. To lay new turf in our client’s garden, we needed 2.5 rolls of 1x10m turf rolls or a total of 25m2. We also needed a tonne bulk bag of topsoil and 1 bag of fertiliser.

Step 1: Carrying the materials and equipment into the property

As soon as the landscaping team arrived in Clapham, they got straight into business. The first thing the garden landscapers did was to cover the decking with nylon so that they can place all of the equipment and materials on top of it without causing any damages.

Step 2: Preparation work and clearance of the lawn area

Next, they had to prepare the area before laying the new turf. This included the removal of old turf patches, weeding and checking for deep-rooted weeds. All of the waste was gathered in bags and disposed of, as requested by the customer.

Step 3: Rotavating, levelling and laying topsoil

The third step of the lawn renovation was to rotavate the soil and level the garden. After that, the gardeners in Clapham spread a layer of topsoil and fertiliser in order to improve the quality of the soil and to boost the rooting and growth of the new turf.

Step 4: Laying the new lawn

The final step was to lay the new turf and water it. When all of the tasks were completed the garden landscaping team gathered their equipment, cleaned after themselves and left the property, letting the customer admire his new, lush green lawn at peace.


The team had to be careful not to damage the decking and to keep it clean, which was quite easy since they are well-trained and experienced in doing so.

Please mind that all turfing jobs are charged based on the work done and materials used. The price of this project is only valid for this property.

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I'm Impressed
I thought it’d be a hassle to lay a new lawn in my garden, but the guys from Fantastic Gardeners managed to do it in just 5 hours! I’m impressed. Thank you for the exceptional service and for the tips on how to keep my lawn thriving.

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