Bay tree pruning in Clapham by professional tree surgeons

Hours: 3
Project price: £150
Teams: 2 tree surgeons
Materials price: £0

This project in Clapham was carried out by a team of two local tree surgeons - one certified, who has permission to climb trees of up to 65 ft. in height; and one, who’d help with the work on the ground. The customer wanted more sunlight in his yard, so the team had to lift and reduce the crown of the bay tree.

As you can see from the photos, the crown of the tree was rather thick and it threw quite the shade over the yard. It was blocking the sunlight for the rest of plants in the garden with making the whole outdoor area gloomy and cold. That had to change immediately, so here’s how the tree surgeons helped our Clapham customer.

Step 1: Getting the equipment into the property

The first thing the local tree surgery team did was to confirm the job with the customer and to carry all the equipment through the property into the yard. It was a bit of a challenge, but the team managed it pretty easily. They transferred the chainsaw, scissors, ladder, ropes and everything else needed to climb the bay tree.

Step 2: Preparation of the equipment

While the certified tree surgeon prepared the equipment to climb the tree, his qualified helper prepared the chainsaw and the rest of the tools.

Step 3: Climbing the tree and reducing the crown

It is very important for arborists to work as a team, and that is why we always send at least two of them. While one of them is up on the tree, the rest are clearing up the site beneath the tree, gathering branches, and taking care of the tools. That was the case at this property, too.

The certified tree maintenance expert got on the ladder to cut the lowest branches first and to secure his climbing ropes. His helper was on the ground during the whole job, passing tools up and gathering all cut branches at one spot. The climber made his way up the tree and pruned it on the inside. He then got to the highest point and reduced the crown from the top-down with the chainsaw and hedge trimmer.

Step 4: Chopping the branches and gathering the generated waste

When the crown was reduced and lifted enough, the arborists started chopping the branches and gathered all the green waste in bags. As you can see from the photos, the bay tree and the whole yard look totally different at end of the job. The place is lighter and looks more spacious.

Step 5: Final clearance touches

At the end of the job, when all the green waste was gathered, the tree surgery team in Clapham swept the whole area and left it cleared. All of the equipment and waste was taken out and loaded into the van.


All of the equipment and green waste had to be taken through the property, which is a bit of an inconvenience. However, the team has a lot of experience and they have done this before, so everything went smoothly.

Please have in mind that tree surgery quotes are based on the size of your trees. This is an example project and the price given is valid only for this tree.

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Absolutely Great
Very good job. I am impressed by the methodical work of your team. They pruned our tree exactly as we wanted. Great results. We’ll surely recommend you.
David B.

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