Turfing and Paving Job in Ealing

Hours: 2 Days
Project price: £2630
Teams: 3 landscapers
Materials price: £2000

This time in Ealing - the Fantastic Gardeners were facing a not so big yard that needed to undergo a full renovation with a new lawn and some patio laying.

Taking the measures led us to prepare 4 cubic yards of timber wood, 6 square yards of paving slabs and 10 rolls of turf. A classic project in the garden landscaping nonetheless. This, however, didn’t demotivate us to carry it out with patience and attention to the smallest detail.

In fact, this landscaping service in Ealing was rather intriguing for the team, as they had to build the different areas on two levels. They had to be extremely careful with the levelling, so that rainwater wouldn't flood the patio.

Day 1: Preparation work and paving

We started by preparing the terrain. We cleaned the yard, removing any weeds, shrubbery and other objects that may get in our way of work. This was necessary, as we would lay turf later.

After that, we brought up our tools to be in arm’s reach and positioned the landscaping timbers nearby.

Now the actual work could start. We had 2 of the specialists dislodging the old bricks of where the new timber was supposed to go, while the one left would remove the old slabs.

The local landscapers then levelled the areas and installed an anti-weed membrane to prevent any problematic roots from growing again under the paving. After this was done, they edged with the landscape timbers to define the area left for paving. Slabs were then laid on M.O.T. base, and we called it a day to give them some time.

Day 2: Pointing and turfing

After the patio gained strength, it was now time to point the joints and give it that extra support. One of the landscapers in Ealing did just that while the other two got their hands dirty with the turfing. We introduced some top soil to the lawn and started laying the new turf rolls. We watered it, swiped the new patio and started packing up our tools.


As every terrain has its unique issues, this time it was a pipe going from the house to the lawn. We had to be very careful not to damage it when edging. Fortunately, we have the experience needed to sort out these kinds of problems smoothly.

Please have in mind that every landscaping job requires different amount of materials and labour. The price given above is only for this project.

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The Best Possible Result
There was a lot of work to be done and the transformation was REALLY impressive. I think this was literally the best possible result. Would recommend.

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