Artificial turf laying in Ilford

Hours: 1 Day
Project price: £3465
Teams: 3 landscapers
Materials price: £2100

An old customer of ours from Ilford gave us a call, asking if we could install an artificial lawn in his yard. Last year we did some paving, so he liked how we worked and contacted us again.

He has quite the lawn, 44 m2 to be exact, but the landscaping team managed it for a day.

For the purpose of this fake turf job, we used 44 m2, 36 mm-thick “Madrid” Astroturf, 44 m2 of heavy-duty anti-weed membrane, 7 metres of joint tape, 300 kg sharp sand, 300 kg silica sand, and Astro turf glue.

The reason we chose to work with the “Madrid” artificial grass was the customer’s dog. This type of fake turf is very soft and pet-friendly, and can be easily cleaned and maintained with a hose and a brush.

Step 1: Delivery of the materials and clearance of the site

The area where the new artificial lawn would be was covered with real turf, which had to be removed from the roots. The garden landscaping team in Ilford got to work right after all of the equipment and materials were brought into the yard. They excavated the old lawn along with part of the soil.

Step 2: Levelling the area

After the old lawn was removed, the terrain was levelled. The local landscapers, then, spread the sharp sand and levelled again to make the base stable.

Step 3: Laying the anti-weed membrane

To ensure no weeds will pop up in between the Astro turf, the experts always lay heavy-duty anti-weed membrane. The pieces of the membrane should step on each other, and are then connected with joint tape.

Step 4: Laying the Astro turf

When the anti-weed membrane is ready, it is time to fit the artificial grass rolls. The team unroll the fake turf and cut it according to the size and form of the area. They then assure that the pieces fit each other, and there is no space between them. The bonds between the pieces should be right on top of the joint tape. That is where the Astro turf glue is applied.

Step 5: Brushing the fibres

After the “Madrid” artificial grass was properly laid and glued, the landscapers spread the silica sand all over it and brushed it carefully into the fibres. That is done for a few reasons, but we will mention only two of them.

Firstly, the sand keeps the fibres straight up. Secondly, it weighs and holds the Astro turf down and straight. It doesn’t make the area muddy when raining, and it doesn’t get blown away by the wind.

Step 6: Leaving the property

When the new fake lawn was ready, the team gathered the equipment and the generated waste, cleaned around their working area and left another happy customer.

All turfing and artificial lawn installation prices are individually calculated according to the project at hand

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The new turf is great!
I’m really satisfied with my new artificial turf, my dog loves it too, so that makes me even happier. Would definitely recommend your gardening services to all my friends and colleagues. Keep up the fantastic work!
T. A.

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