Fence repair and artificial grass laying in Bromley

  • Days: 3
  • Project price: £1750
  • Team: 2 landscapers
  • Materials price: £1000

The owner of this Bromley property wanted a brand new lawn and an artificial one at that. Given London’s specific climate, we don’t blame him. The area he had for grass amounted to 20m².

Timber wood flowerbeds had to be installed in a small area around the fake grass, too.

The client had 9 fence panels which he wanted to be painted in white. One panel was broken, so a replacement was also in due. This landscaping project required a 50 kg bag of silica sand to be used as a basis for the fake turf, a fence panel to replace the broken one, 20m² of astroturf and 5 cans of weather resistant white paint.

In addition to these two landscaping services, we also carried out a patio cleaning. It would only be fitting that a new lawn and a freshly painted fence go well with a clean patio.

Day 1: Clearance and preparation of the artificial lawn area

As with all artificial grass laying projects, we started the first day by removing all the existing vegetation. That included weeds as well. All the greenery and other waste was then carefully wrapped in bags and taken for disposal.

Another thing the team did on the first day was to level the ground and add a base layer of silica sand. After that, the landscapers covered the area with a heavy duty anti-weed membrane to stop any new invasive species from growing. They also replaced the broken fence panel.

Day 2: Building the flower beds and painting the fence

The Bromley landscaping experts built the flower beds and filled them with soil. Then, they painted the fence in the client’s desired colour - white. Five cans of weather resistant paint went into this task, as mentioned above.

Day 3: Laying the artificial grass and patio cleaning

Finally, the team laid the astroturf, all 20m² of it. The patio was well cleaned with a pressure washing machine and its original looks was restored.

The fence was already painted, so there was nothing left but to put our client’s old solar lights as a finishing touch.

Please mind that landscaping projects are charged based on the work done. The price written above is only valid for this project.

Fantastic Job

The Fantastic Gardeners did a fantastic job. We love the new artificial lawn. I recommend them to all my friends who need quality landscaping services in London.