Tree removal and lawn re-seeding project in Balham

Hours: 5
Project price: £510
Teams: 2 tree surgeons
Materials price: £30

So, Fantastic Gardeners were called in for a conifer tree removal in Balham. Tree surgery, even though not too time consuming, is probably the most dangerous service. The tree at this particular Balham property was about 15 metres in height and the owner wanted us to completely get rid of it. For the purpose, we came equipped with all our trusty tools such as chainsaws, scissors, ropes, ladders and safety gear.

As always, a team of two tree surgeons was sent to carry out the task, one certified arborist and one qualified helper. However, this time we sent our most experienced specialists. Tree felling is always challenging and requires an extra level of experience and care.

The owner also wanted us to re-seed and fertilise the patchy lawn under the tree.

Step 1: Preparation of the equipment and of the tree for climbing

The tree surgeon prepared himself by putting on safety gear consisting of safety helmet, special climber shoes, ear defenders, alpinist ropes and carabiners. After that, he cut the lower tree branches near the ground with a small saw and started climbing.

Step 2: Removal of the branches and climbing to the top of the tree

The local tree expert slowly made his way to the top whilst cutting all small branches as he climbed. The other specialist, who was on the ground, collected all the fallen branches and leaves and helped with passing the equipment via ropes.

Step 3: Reducing the stump of the conifer tree

After reaching the conifer’s top, the tree surgeon in Balham reduced the tree height from top down with a chainsaw passed to him by the second arborist.

Step 4: Felling the tree

Once all the branches were removed and the height of the stump reduced, the two specialists proceeded with the tree felling. It was a two-way process. One arborist cut the tree basis with the chainsaw while the other was pulling a rope tied to the top of the stump. This was done so they can safely fell the tree in the right direction. After the tree hit the ground, the tree surgeons cut it into smaller pieces and loaded them along with the rest of the greenery and waste in the company van.

Step 5: Preparation work for the lawn re-seeding

The two specialists proceeded to rotovate the soil with dung forks. The lawn was quite patchy and the soil compacted, so it definitely needed the treatment. Once that was done, the professionals scattered out a bag of topsoil over the area. This would provide a nutrient-rich bed for the grass seeds.

Step 6: Re-seeding

Finally, the gardeners placed the seeds, watered it well, and put a sprinkler on the lawn.

Challenges: The team had to be careful not to generate green waste for the neighbours by dropping branches and trunk pieces in their property. They had to be careful when felling the left tree trunk, too, to prevent fence damages.

Please mind that all tree surgery jobs are charged based on tree size. The price written above is only valid for this particular project.

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The quote I got from Fantastic Gardeners was really good and they did a fantastic job in my back garden. That tree has been depriving the grass of sunlight for years, but no more I say. Now I can finally start to use my lawn again, keep up the good work chaps!

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