Landscaping Project in Walthamstow

Hours: 5 Days
Project price: £5820
Teams: 3 landscapers
Materials price: £3000

This project took longer to complete but the result was a fully revived garden and one happy family. We needed 5 days to complete it as there was a lot to be done. A family in Walthamstow contacted us with a request to help them create a playing area for their children, paint their old shed and build a small decking in front of it and a wooden chest around the fence foundations. They also wanted to replace the old turf with an artificial lawn, pressure wash the patio and add details with riverstone.

A total of 45 decking boards were needed for the construction of a 1m2 decking and a 10m2 wooden chest around the fence concrete foundations. For the replacement of the old turf with a new artificial lawn, the team used 45m2 heavy-duty anti-weed membrane, 45m2 artificial turf, and 2 jumbo bags of sand for the base. For the touch-ups, we used one 25kg bag of riverstone, a 5-liters box of decking stain, and a 5-liters box of fence care coating. The shed required 5 2-liter boxes of white paint to paint it both inside and outside.

Day 1: Delivery of materials and clearance of the site

The first day of this garden landscaping service in Walthamstow began by delivering the equipment and materials on site. After that, the team set out to prepare the area by removing the weeds and old turf. They also removed and disposed of general waste from the garden and cleaned out the shed.

Day 2: Levelling and woodwork

The second day was spent on levelling the terrain and building the wooden chest of the fence foundations. The team had enough time to complete the small decking area in front of the shed, too.

Day 3: Laying the sand base, anti-weed membrane and most of the artificial grass

On the third day, the gardeners in Walthamstow laid the sand base for the artificial turf and installed the heavy-duty anti-weed membrane. By the end of the day, the team had managed to lay most of the artificial lawn.

Day 4: Finished the grass laying and varnished all woodwork

The next day the team finished laying the artificial grass and added details with the river stones. After that, the local landscapers varnished all decking boards and fence panels.

Day 5: Jet washing and shed painting

On the final day, one of the garden landscapers did the patio jet washing while the other two were busy painting the shed. The landscaping project in Walthamstow was finished by assembling the playground area and disposing of any waste left on site.

Please, note that the final cost of our landscaping projects is based on the work done and the materials that we used. The price above is only valid for this landscaping project.

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We’re really pleased with how our garden turned out. The Fantastic Gardeners did a splendid job on completing every task, and our kids finally have their own play area. Thank you.

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