Artificial Turf Laying and Decking Restoration in Ruislip

Hours: 2 Days
Project price: £5000
Teams: 2 landscapers
Materials price: £2500

A Ruislip client contacted us for a very interesting project. He already had a rooftop relaxation area (a pretty awesome and big decking), but now he wanted part of it to be laid with Astro turf. It’s not the first time Fantastic Gardeners’ landscapers deal with rooftop gardens, so we managed this one, too.

Besides the new artificial lawn, the customer also wanted what remains from his decking to be jet washed and oiled.

For the whole project, we used 49 sq.m. 25mm-thick shock pad underlay and 49 sq.m. of “Madrid” artificial grass. This type of fake turf is environmentally and children friendly, and is very easy to maintain. It is ideal for balconies and other areas exposed to changing climate conditions, and it can be laid on top of deckings and patios.

We also used five 50 kg bags of silica sand, to brush into the Astro turf, and a few boxes of decking stain.

Day 1: Preparation of the area and laying the artificial grass

This project was carried out by two landscapers. They first started with measuring the area and marking where the “Madrid” Astro turf would be. They, then, used a leaf blower to remove any excess dust and other grime from the area.

The next thing the landscaping team in Ruislip did was to lay the shock pads. Although it looks like a very easy task, it can be rather tricky, especially if one hasn’t done it before. Of course, the guys have experience in that and managed it in no time. After that, they laid the artificial grass, too.

Day 2: Recovering the decking and finishing touches on the fake lawn

On the second day of this Ruislip project, the local garden landscapers started with applying the silica sand to the Astro turf. That is done for several reasons, but we will not go in details now.

However, you should know that the sand doesn’t get muddy, nor can be blown away by the wind, or taken out of the fibres of the artificial grass. The area is completely clean and safe. It is spread carefully and brushed into the fibres to keep them straight up.

After the team finished with the silica sand, they jet washed the decking to remove any grime and moss and left it to dry. Finally, they oiled the decking and restored its original look.

Each landscaping project is priced differently based on needed materials and labour.

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