Tree surgery project in Walthamstow

Hours: 2
Project price: £120
Teams: 2 tree surgeons
Materials price: £0

Tree surgery jobs in Walthamstow are not uncommon. This time we had to significantly reduce the crown of the tree in question.

As the tree was quite tall, way above the 12 feet limit, we had to send an alpine certified tree surgeon in Walthamstow. This means special training in climbing and alpine equipment such as ropes, carabiners, safety helmets, ear defenders and so on.

And because every tree surgery job requires work from the ground level as well, we sent a couple of local arborists to complete the service. Both of them are with long experience. Of course, as usual, they brought with them all the needed tools to complete this project.

Step 1: Preparation of the equipment and tree in question

Chainsaws, scissors, ropes and ladders were brought in the yard and positioned conveniently. The team cut down the smaller branches on the lower stem, so the climbing tree surgeon could seamlessly climb and reach higher.

Step 2: Climbing the tree

The equipped specialist started climbing and removing branches on his way up, while the helper on the ground safely collected the green waste generated.

Step 3: Reducing the crown

As the tree surgeon reached the top, he started to reduce the crown down. His helper kept on picking up branches on the ground. Bigger branches were carried the way down via ropes.

Step 4: Cutting the branches and gathering the generated waste

When the tree surgeons in Walthamstow were done with the crown, both of them got to chop all branches and collect them in bags.

Step 5: Final clearance of the site

Using rakes and a leaf blower, the two professionals gathered the smallest wood bits at the side of the lawn, so that they can be collected, too. In the end, when everything was cleared out, they packed the equipment, confirmed the results with the owner, and left.


The tree was right next to the fence and the tree surgeon had to be careful not to drop branches in the neighbours’ yard. Well, we did let one out, but the work-from-ground guy quickly picked it with the telescopic scissors.

Please mind that all tree surgery jobs are charged based on tree size. The price written above is only valid for this particular project.

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Very Professional Work
I had some free time, and I was also curious, so I stayed and supervised the pruning of my tree. Guys were as fun as they were efficient. The tree finally looks good, too!
Kathryn Odelia

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