Small garden makeover project in Tooting

Hours: 4
Project price: £765
Teams: 4 landscapers
Materials price: £280

Our garden landscaping project in Tooting had to be completed the same day, as the property owner required so. We decided it would be best, as in most productive, to send 4 gardeners in Tooting as there was plenty of work to do.

We had to install trellis panels, do some planting for the trellis as well as in baskets. Lawn edging, anti-weed membrane installation along the edges and laying gravel were also project priorities. Lawn mowing was a part of the local garden makeover service as well.

We bought everything we needed – 3 Clematis plants, 2 Holland ivies, 15 Geraniums in different colours, 2 square meters of anti-weed membrane, a bag of white gravel, and of course the trellis panels and timber boards.

As usually, the team brought all the tools that'd be needed with them.

Step 1: Bringing the machinery and materials in

The team carried all the tools, materials and equipment to the yard, where the work was supposed to take place. The side gate of the garden really made this task easier.

Step 2: Assigning the tasks and getting to work

The specialists shared the work duties as follows - two of the gardeners went with the trellis installation, the third one was to remove part of the existing turf, which was needed for the gravel laying and lawn edging. The last team member took care of the baskets - he was planting the flowers, replacing the soil and adding fertiliser.

Step 3: Planting the clematis and edging the lawn

After the trellis were done, the guys that placed them started planting Clematis under each of the panels. The other two were busy with the lawn edging - positioning the timber wood boards, levelling for the soon-to-be-laid gravel, and installing the protective membrane.

Step 4: Finishing touches

Finally, the gravel area was neatly arranged. Two of the gardeners in Tooting did it while the other two took care mowing the lawn. The grass near the timber edging had to be scissor trimmed and for the rest of the yard, we used a petrol-powered lawn mower.

Please have in mind that every landscaping project is unique of its kind, and requires different materials and labour. The price given above may only be valid for this job.

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Lovely Results
As urgent as it was, the guys did the work and at the end, it looked lovely. I appreciate that they finished on time, which was my strongest condition. Thank you!

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