Jet Washing and Garden Maintenance in Fulham

Hours: 3
Project price: £115
Teams: 2 gardeners
Materials price: £0

This Fulham property needed jet washing for the back garden and some new plants. The driveway in front of the property was beginning to show a slight weed problem, so we took care of that as well.

Fortunately, we had just the right team in the area and the clients got their service sooner than expected. This was a small and easy job, which would take not more than 3 hours in total.

The only material we brought for the job was the weed killer. The plants, the team planted were already bought by the customer.

Step 1: Leaf clearance and and applying weed killer

Started off by removing any old leaves from the driveway in front of the house with a powerful leaf blower. There were weeds starting to grow between the paving blocks, too, so the gardening team in Fulham sprayed them with weed killer.

Step 2: Taking care of the back garden

When the local gardeners were done with the driveway, they headed for the backyard. Firstly, they trimmed the buxus plants and removed all leaves and dead plants from the flowerbeds.

After that, they separated the tasks, and while one gardener was planting the new plants, the other one blew any leaves and grime from the artificial lawn and gathered them.

They, then, prepared the pressure washing machine by connecting it to a water tap and electricity source.

Step 3: Pressure-washing the patio area

The third and final step was the actual jet washing. The marble patio had been taken good care of and wasn’t that dirty. The gardeners washed the entire patio area, as well as the flowerbeds’ walls and the wooden bench. They became as good as new.

Step 4: Leaving

When all tasks were properly done, the team gathered the equipment and left the Fulham property. They took the gathered waste with them, too.

Please mind that jet washing jobs are charged per m2. The price given above is only valid for this job.

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Very Nice!
I neglected my patio during the winter and I’m glad the Fantastic Gardeners gave it back its shine with their jet washing machine. My wife also loves the new flowers you planted, good work chaps!
T. M.

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