Overgrown garden clearance in London the easy way

Get your garden cleared of overgrowth and restore its shine

  • Free packing & disposal of up to one black bin bag green waste
  • Free no-obligation quote based on the size & condition of the overgrown area
  • A team of at least 2 fully equipped gardeners for maximum efficiency
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Here is what to expect from your garden clean up in London

complete garden clearance service - after
BEFORE garden clearance service in progress

Just tell us exactly what you need and your garden clean up service will be carried out in accordance with your specific requirements. It can include:

  • Removal of weeds and all kinds of bramble
  • Trimming and cutting back hedges
  • Pruning or complete removal of bushes, trees, and ivy
  • Lawn mowing
  • Tidy up of flower beds
  • Removal of broken fence panels and other broken garden features
  • Leaf clearance

Keep in mind that this sort of gardening service may take from several hours to a complete day, depending on the state of your green space. Also, if necessary, we may send a team of two or more local technicians to your property, so the job can be completed as fast and efficient as possible. You can combine the service with one of our other garden care options, like jet washing, landscaping or fence repair. And if you worry about the end price – don’t. You can save money on all your services for a year by joining our Fantastic Club.

How does the whole garden clean up service go?

the result from garden clearance by Fantastic Gardeners
BEFORE overgrown garden clearance
  1. The gardening team will arrive at your property at the scheduled day and time. You can discuss your priorities with them on-site. But due to the Coronavirus situation, we prefer that you send us an email with instructions about the tasks you want to be completed prior to the service. If you do that, the service can go completely contactless.
  2. After that, the team will prepare their equipment and start working.
  3. When the job is completed, the experts will pack one free black bin bag of green waste. If you happen to own a compost bin, the grass, leaves, and twigs can be gathered there. In case there is more cut greenery left and you want it removed, you’ll be charged extra for bags and disposal.

Note: The gardening teams can collect only green clippings and branches, once they are done with the service. If you have any other items in your garden that you want to be removed, you’ll have to book a separate waste removal service through the “Check prices & availability” button.

Hire Fantastic Gardeners for the job and experience a refined quality of service. Add up other services such as patio cleaning and outdoor repairs and receive them with just one visit of the team.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much is garden clearance?

A: We charge per hour for our overgrown garden clearance services near you. The price is £74 for the 1st hour and £55 for every next hour, in summer.

Q: How many local gardeners do you send?

A: It depends on how big the job is. Usually, we send a team of 2 gardeners to clear up your green space. However, if we are dealing with a really big overgrown garden that needs more work, we will send a bigger team to complete the task.

Q: Do I need to reschedule my service if the weather is bad?

A: You don’t have to worry about that. The gardeners can work in most weather conditions if this doesn’t affect the job results.

Q: Can you remove some of my old garden furniture as well?

A: Yes we can, but you need to book a separate waste removal service through the “Check prices & availability” button”.

Do you collect the generated garden waste?

After the job is completed, the experts will dispose of one black bin bag of green waste for free. If there is more cut greenery left and you want it removed, you'll be charged extra for bags and disposal.

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