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A list of all the tree surgery tasks we can perform in London

tree surgery specialist while working in a London property
  • Tree pruning - the arborists can reduce the size of a tree, so your garden can get a bit more sunlight. Also, annual pruning is important for the health of your trees because it makes their stumps and branches stronger and promotes new growth.
  • Crown reduction & reshaping - A crown reduction can alleviate the overbearing presence of a dominant tree, and remove unwanted weight from branch tips. Appropriate pruning technique ensures minimal wounding whilst keeping the natural shape and form intact. The experienced tree surgery professionals will advise you whether you need crown lifting, crow thinning or reshaping.
  • Tree removal- The professional tree removal experts will cut down the tree, starting from the top, reducing its size until they are able to cut the actual trunk. After that, the arborists can grind or level down the leftover tree stump.
  • Emergency tree work and deadwood removal - The tree surgeons can take care of fallen down, broken branches or whole trees after heavy storms and strong wind without keeping you waiting.
  • Stump grinding - left-over stumps from cut trees take place. With this service, you can get them levelled with the ground and removed.
  • Ivy removal - if the ivy in your green space has gotten out of control and is higher than 4 metres, our local tree services in London can take care of it.
  • Tree pollarding – heavy pruning for certain tree species.
  • Tree cutting back – cutting back to boundaries, removal of branches infringing on properties.
  • Green waste disposal - The arborists will remove up to one black bin bag of the green waste for free. The complete removal of the green waste is available upon request and at extra charge.

How we perform tree surgery in London

  1. Request a quote for your service through our online booking form. It’s a good idea to attach photos of the plants you want to be pruned. This way, we might be able to give you a faster quote over the phone.
  2. If you receive a quote over the phone, the arborists will confirm it when they arrive onsite on the day of the service. If we can’t quote you based on photos, you’ll get the final cost after a survey. In some cases, the survey and the actual service can be performed on the same day, but due to availability, normally, they are scheduled separately.
  3. A team of two experienced professionals will arrive on the scheduled day and time to complete the appointed job. Make sure to provide access to your property and to ensure a parking space. Keep in mind that the tools the team brings are quite heavy and the parking area shouldn’t be far from your property.
  4. The experts will park and prepare the equipment to complete the job. One of the arborists will climb up the tree, while the other one will help him by passing on machinery and chopping the greenery. Note that there isn’t an option to send only one man, because the nature of the service doesn’t allow it.
  5. All green waste can be removed upon request and additional payment.

Note: Tree surgery is just as important as garden maintenance, so if you book this service as well, we may be able to perform it in one day.

Tree surgery specialist while working in a London property

Why choose the Fantastic tree surgery services

tree surgeon in London while working

Certified arborists

Tree pruning, trimming, or complete tree removal are tasks that should only be performed by certified tree surgeons. And all of the arborists we work with follows the BS3998 (British Standards) guidelines and are certified and insured. They not only have the training and know-how, but also all of the necessary tools and equipment for masterfully trimming and pruning trees.

Complete service

The tree surgery service is available for up to 65-feet-high trees. You don't have to worry about the green waste in your garden as we offer shredding or green waste disposal upon request.

Flexible working schedule

You can book your tree surgery service any day of the week except for Sunday, because the working process can be noisy. Whether it's an emergency tree work during a bank holiday, we are here to help you out. So, if your property is located anywhere within M25 London zone, the highly skilled tree surgeons will be able to do the job in a timely and efficient manner.

How Much Does Tree Surgery Cost in London

Average service cost in this area is: £142 - £983

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need permission to cut down a tree in my garden?
A: We’d suggest that you double check with your local council for the regulations in your area and acquire a permit if necessary. Some trees are protected by tree preservation orders.
Q: What is your area coverage?
A: Fantastic Gardeners covers the whole M25 area.
Q: What is the price of your tree surgery service?
A: The final cost depends on the size of the tree and the type of work you want to be done. Make sure to attach photos when requesting a service quote, because we might be able to give you a price estimate over the phone.
Q: It’s an emergency. I have a fallen tree in my garden! Can you help me?
A: Of course we can. Just follow the instructions in our online booking form and don’t forget to send us some pictures, so we have a better idea of the situation.
Q: Can I book this service for the weekend?
A: You can schedule your appointment for any day of the week, except Sunday, because of the machinery noise.
Q: When is the best time of year for tree surgery?
The best time to to think of tree surgery services is when the trees are leafless - late autumn to early spring but if the tree requires urgent treatment, don't hesitate to contact us and get an advice what's your best option.
Q: What is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?
A: In a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), an offence is committed if a tree is cut down, topped, lopped, uprooted, wilfully damaged or wilfully destroyed without the permission of a local council.
Q: How long will it take?
A: Once all the details are confirmed with you on site, the team will stay as long as needed to complete the work. Tree surgery is a non-hourly service.
Q: Would you be able to chop, mulch, or shred the clippings?
A: Yes, but you need to request shredding and mulching in your booking details, so the tree surgeon knows what equipment to bring.
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