Pressure washing

Let us clean your driveway, patio, fence and wooden decking, and enjoy the summer outdoors.

  • Powerful equipment removing grime, stains & mould using only water
  • No minimum charge if combined with other garden services
  • Fittings we can connect to all water taps
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Enjoy the summer outside! Get Full-Service Patio Cleaning from Fantastic Gardeners

A great addition to any gardening job would be a comprehensive patio cleaning service. With the help of professional equipment, your expert gardeners will clean your patio or any other outdoor surface around your property, bringing you outstanding results.

High quality jet washing machineHigh quality jet washing machine for a wide variety of exterior surfaces.
Customer satisfaction guaranteedCustomer satisfaction guaranteed. Confirm that you're happy with the results before we leave.
7 days a Week AvailabilityFlexible with dates, times, payment methods.
Minimum water usageAchieving maximum results with minimum water usage.
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Here’s what we can clean for you as part of your jet washing London service:

  • Paved areas
  • Brick and concreted areas
  • Garden paths
  • Fences and fence panels
  • All types of decking
  • Garden furniture
  • Walls up to 2 metres in height
  • Natural stone and limestone patios
  • Exquisite patio cleaning results! You will be amazed.

The gardeners use high-performance jet washers that are great against a wide variety of common stains. For instance:

  • Accumulated dirt and grime;
  • Pesky moss, weeds, and algae;
  • Even some chemical residues;

Jet Washing Service With Many Additional Perks!

Thanks to Fantastic Gardeners’ jet washing services, you will save time and efforts. And in addition, there are a few extra advantages:

  • You pay only for the conducted work, not the time it took;
  • Eco-friendly equipment that uses minimum water;
  • Great results achieved in minimum time;
  • You can combine the patio cleaning service with any other;
  • Inspect the results yourself and say what’s on your mind;

Note: You will have to give us access to a water source and electricity, so we can provide a quality service.

Q: Can you clean my balcony with the pressure-washer?
A: Yes, we can. But you need to have proper drainage on the balcony.

Q: What kind of water source do you need?
A: Any kind of tap will be fine. The technicians bring various types of nozzles with them and will be able to connect.

Q: Do you use any detergents for the cleaning?
A: No, we don’t. The cleaning is only done with water which is sprayed under high pressure. The use of detergents might damage the surface cleaned and will surely have a negative impact on greenery near the cleaned area.

Q: Do you offer oiling or staining services for after the cleaning of decking and other wooden surfaces?
A: Yes, we do.

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