Decking, Turfing and Fencing Project in Hampstead

Hours: 5 Days
Project price: 3 landscapers
Teams: 3 landscapers
Materials price: £2500

For this project, we got contacted by a customer in Hampstead. He wanted his garden totally renovated. It was a nice big back garden, but it was a bit neglected. We definitely had a lot of work to do, as the client wanted a new fence, a new lawn, a new decking, planting areas, and a gravel area with a pathway.

What we used as materials was: 6 wooden posts and 5 fence panels for the fence, timber wood and decking boards for the 30 m2 decking, 50 m2 turf, 30 m lawn edge, a tonne bag of top soil, a tonne bag of fertiliser, two 50 kg bags of compost, and about 40 plants from several different types, three 50 kg bags of gold gravel, and 15 paving slabs.

Day 1: Delivery of materials and clearance of the site

On the first day of five, the landscaping team in Hampstead delivered all needed materials and got to work to clear up the garden. There was old turf, old paving, some remains of a decking, an old fence to be removed, a lot of weeds and a few bushes to be trimmed.

The clearance was quite a task, to be honest, but a team of three people managed to finish it in a day. All of the waste that was generated was carefully collected and loaded on our van for disposal.

Day 2: Fence installation

On the second day of this project, the garden landscapers in Hampstead proceeded with the new fence installation. They first had to install and secure 6 fence posts. Everything was carefully measured and assembled to the smallest detail. The new fence was ready, and the privacy of the customer was ensured.

Day 3: Preparation of the garden

Before each job, a few preparations should be made. First of all, the team rotovated the soil, as it was rather compacted. They, then, levelled the terrain, removing and adding soil where necessary. At the end of the day, the terrain was perfectly levelled.

Day 4: Decking, pathway laying and lawn edging

Day four was intended for the other part of the hardscaping - the decking and pathway installation. The area was carefully levelled the previous day, so what the landscapers had to do now was to install the base from timber wood, lay an anti-weed membrane and attach the decking boards to the base. So, while two of the landscapers did the decking installation, the other one made the lawn edging and laid the slabs for the pathways.

Day 5: Turfing, planting and gravel laying

It was the last day of this project and the team still had a lot of tasks to do. So, not wasting any time they separated the work and started. Two of the landscapers in Hampstead were laying the new turf, while the third worked on the edged planting areas and laid the gold gravel.

Before the new lawn was installed, the guys added a layer of topsoil and fertiliser to the soil.

For the new plants, the team added compost to the soil. And that was it. You can see the result on the photos above.

Each landscaping project is priced differently based on needed materials and labour.

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The Fantastic gardeners completely transformed my lawn!
The Fantastic Gardeners did a splendid job with my garden. Before they arrived and started work, it was like a jungle. Now I have a brand new lawn, deck and plants. I am filled with joy, can’t recommend them enough.

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