Professional jet washing service in Islington

Hours: 1
Project price: £120
Teams: 1 gardener
Materials price: £0

Jet washing! Takes almost no time and makes all the difference in the world. This Islington pressure washing project took the gardener about an hour to complete and no materials.

We only used some water and electricity provided by the customer. It was a well-maintained commercial property.

There were some minor challenges, however. The water pressure was really low, and the local gardener had to blast short bursts of water so he could clean the tiles. Of course, that didn’t stop him from finishing his task. The other challenge was the fact he had to stop cleaning when pedestrians walked by. Other than that, it was the usual pressure washing in Islington.

Step 1: Measuring the area

The technician measured the area he was supposed to clean and it turned out two square metres less than quoted - it was 48 instead of 50 square metres. He reduced the price to 120 GBP.

Step 2: Unloading the equipment

After clearing out the details on the price, the gardening specialist proceeded to unload his pressure washer from the van and connect it to a water and electricity source.

Step 3: Dealing with another challenge

The gardener in Islington blasted a few bursts of water in the beginning to gather fallen leaves and small pebbles, and to find the drainage. After he discovered the drain, he realised it was slightly clogged with cement. He did what was needed to unclog it, and proceeded with the pressure washing service.

Step 4: Finishing touches

In the end, the jet washing expert swept all small dirt drops that had fallen from the machine and emptied a handful of old leaves in the nearby rubbish bin. The customer was called to inspect if the work was done up to his requirements.


As mentioned above, the challenges in this job were the low water pressure, the high-traffic pedestrian area nearby, and the clogged drain. However, the site was cleaned perfectly and another customer was left happy.

Please mind that jet washing jobs are charged per m2. The price given above is only valid for this job.

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Great Attention to Details
I want to congratulate the young fellow for not only cleaning our paving, but for unclogging the drain. I would definitely call Fantastic Gardeners again, they really pay great attention to details.

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