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The easiest way to find a lawn mowing company in London

1. Book your lawn mowing service online

Use our online booking form and tell us what the size and condition of your lawn are and you’ll receive an instant and personalised quote.

2. The gardeners will arrive on the scheduled day

On the scheduled day, a team of two gardeners will arrive at your property, ready to transform your lawn. They'll handle any lawn service you’ve specified in the booking process.

3. Enjoy your precisely mowed lawn

The view and smell of a perfectly trimmed and neat lawn are some of the most delightful things about owning a lawn.

4. Opt for regular lawn maintenance

Consult with the gardeners on how often you should have the lawn trimmed and schedule regular appointments.

What do our lawn care services include?

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  • Lawn mowing - We advise you to book the service regularly in order to ensure optimum care of your turf. Depending on the time of year, you can schedule weekly, fortnightly or monthly lawn mowing appointments with us online.
  • Edging and borders – Neatly trimming the edges of your lawn, or shaping it to fit other garden features. The gardeners can install any decorative borders, too.
  • Lawn aeration - This lawn maintenance procedure is performed in spring and early autumn. It improves air and water flow to the roots of the grass. The service can be combined with lawn feeding or top-dressing.
  • Overseeding - Overseeding addresses patchiness and generally boosts the health of your lawn. The task is also done as a preventative measure against thatch build up.
  • Top-dressing - usually completed after aeration or overseeding to speed up your lawn recovery. It involves applying a special mix of topsoil and sand to the grassed area.
  • Fertilising - Depending on the type of grass you have, seasonal conditions in your area and the specifics of the lawn’s site (level of sunlight exposure and shade), we can advise you on the right fertiliser for your grassed area.

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Why use professional lawn mowing and maintenance?

  • Lawn care experts will save you time and hassle so you can enjoy the finer things in life.
  • Regular grass trimming saves you money from overgrowth clearance.
  • It keeps your lawn neat and healthy all year round, which improves your living environment. Lawns purify the air and their lush green colour calms the mind.
  • A well-maintained lawn will greatly boost the appearance of your property.
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Some thoughts from our clients

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How much does Lawn Maintenance cost in London

Average service cost in this area is: £79 - £206

Frequently asked questions

Q: When does the last cut of the grass usually take place before the cold weather sets in?
A: Grass slows down when temperatures plummet, but it never actually stops growing. Still, by early December, you can consider giving it a rest from regular mowing. If conditions are mild (the ground is not frozen or too wet), you can mow your lawn occasionally (ex: once a month).
Q: What is the best time to cut the grass after the winter period?
A: In early spring, grass starts growing at an increased rate, once the temperature rises above 5°C. You should consider mowing your lawn when the grass reaches 2.5 inches (above 6cm). hen the temperature rise above 5 degrees Celsius, the grass will increase its growth rate significantly. Monitor its height. Around 2.5 inches ( 6+ cm ) tall is the right height to mow after winter.
Q: Do you take care of overgrown lawns?
A: Absolutely. The gardener will, first, trim the grass and then, he’ll cut it with a professional petrol lawn mower.
Q: Do you provide everything necessary for the service?
A: Yes, our professional lawn care service is performed by skilled gardeners, who are fully equipped with all the tools and machinery, required for the job.
A: Do I need to reschedule my service if the weather is bad?
A: The gardeners can work in most weather conditions and usually this doesn't affect the job results, however, bear in mind that lawn mowing when the grass is wet will damage the lawn.
A: How long will it take before I notice a difference in my lawn?
A: You should begin to notice a difference with 12 – 16 days of your first treatment. Of course, some treatments, such as scarification, will show immediate results. Your lawn will then improve over the course of the treatments.
Q: How short should I cut my lawn?
A: To retain a healthy, green appearance your lawn should not be mowed less than 25mm in height. During warm, dry periods you should increase the height of cut to retain moisture and a green appearance.
Q: How can I keep my lawn hydrated during hot, dry periods?
A: If you wish to keep your lawn green during drought it may be necessary to apply water. This is best done in the early morning or last thing in the evening using a sprinkler.
Q: Should I mow the lawn before you treat it?
A: We recommend that you don't cut your lawn for 3 days either side of any treatment. This is to ensure that we can see the weeds and the treatment of them has a couple of days to reach the roots.
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