Turfing and fence installation in Croydon

Hours: 3 Days
Project price: £3000
Teams: 3 landscapers
Materials price: £2000

This landscaping service in Croydon took three days and a team of three garden landscapers to complete it. As opposed to regular requests usually involving only one service, this one actually combined two. The owner needed a brand new turf and fence to be installed, which helped transform the garden completely. The turfing area we worked on was about 30 square metres, which was good since this project required a lot of space for the materials.

The landscapers used 11 closeboard fence panels, 12 wooden posts, 30 square metres turf, a tonne bag of topsoil, and a bag of fertiliser.

There was some Ivy growing in the garden, so we took care of that as well, by removing it.

Day 1: Garden clearance

Before any fencing or turfing could be done, we had to clear the site. As with all turfing jobs, we started out with complete removal of all vegetation the customer didn’t want. All of the old grass and weeds were removed and later gathered in bags for safe disposal.

Day 2: Fence installation

The second day was entirely dedicated to the fencing of the property. First, the garden landscapers in Croydon started out by installing new wooden fence posts. They secured them with Postfix and finished with the fence installation. At the end of the second day, the specialists rotavated the soil to prepare it for turfing.

Day 3: Levelling and turfing

Since all the fencing had been carried out the day before, all that had left was to lay the new turf. First, the garden landscaping team in Croydon added topsoil and levelled the ground. After that, they added the fertiliser to boost the rooting and growth of the new grass. When the turf was nicely laid, all that had left was to water it, collect all our gear and leave.

Please mind that turfing and fence installation jobs are charged based on the work done and materials used. The price above is only valid for this project.

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I'm really satisfied
My back yard was a complete mess, but the Fantastic Gardeners sure made it look like new. They were also very polite which you rarely see nowadays. I’m really satisfied with my new lawn and fence.

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