Looking for a gardening job?

Become a part of the Fantastic Gardeners family and grow your carrier with us!
  • You are an experienced gardener or want to become a gardener
  • You are reliable, punctual and friendly
  • You are looking for a long-term development
  • You are willing to learn and grow
Garden Maintenance Hero

Get a gardening job with Fantastic Gardeners

Fantastic Gardeners is looking for experienced gardeners or people who want to start their career in the gardening field. If you are a friendly and reliable person and you are looking for a profitable career, then apply today and become part of our Fantastic family. Join 1 000+ professionals who are already part of Fantastic Services and deliver 15 000+ indoor and outdoor services each month!

  • What you get?
  • What you need?

gardener pruning a bush

  • Secure income and guaranteed stream of work
  • Full support and initial training
  • Immediate start according to your availability
  • Long-term development and growth opportunity in a leading franchise business in the UK
  • Excellent opportunity for everyone, with or without experience
  • Equipment and vehicle renting options

gardener mowing a lawn

  • A desire to perform gardening tasks including: maintenance and upkeep of gardens, mowing, trimming, cutting, and more.
  • Good command of English to be able to communicate with clients and understand their priorities
  • Commitment to working to the highest industry standards
  • Flexibility to work on week days, weekends and holidays
  • Punctuality and discipline

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