A Potters Bar Garden Maintenance Project

Hours: 3
Project price: £130
Teams: 2 gardeners
Materials price: £5

A client from Potters Bar asked us to trim and shape his front garden and backyard. A team of two professional Potters bar gardeners managed to tackle this project in a total of 3 hours. As a result, the gardens got a neat, tidy look, which completely transformed the overall landscape of the property.

The project included several tasks, such as lawn mowing, weeding and bush trimming. We also applied weed killer to the front garden’s gravel area to prevent weeds from growing back again.

Step 1: Preparation for the job

The technicians carefully listened to the client’s instructions. After that, they unloaded all of the equipment they needed for the job and got to work.

Step 2: Weeding and bush trimming

The team started working on the front garden. While one of the gardeners was shaping the bushes with the hedge trimmer, the other one weeded the gravel area and the beds under the bushes. At the end, they applied weed killer to the gravel area to prevent weeds from growing back for a longer period.

Step 3: Mowing the backyard

As soon as the front of the property was completely done, the team started working on the backyard. Here, they also split the tasks between themselves and one of them started mowing, while the other gardener was trimming the bushes. As a result, the lawn is neatly cut again and the bushes don’t look funky.

Step 4: Gathering the green waste and loading it on the van together with the machinery

As soon as the professionals were done with the job, they collected the accumulated green waste in bags and loaded it to the van together with all their tools.

Please have in mind that garden maintenance tasks are charged per hour. The price above is valid for this project only as well as the work done.

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Great work!
Both gardeners did a great job at my property. My front garden needed some attention but the back yard needed more work. They managed to tackle all of the bush trimming, lawn mowing and weeding in a few hours and now the outside of my house looks amazing. Thank you for your hard work!
G. A.

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