A Garden Maintenance Job in Clapham

Hours: 2
Project price: £97
Teams: 2 gardeners
Materials price: £0

For this garden maintenance job in Clapham, London, the main priority was hedge trimming and weeding the gravel area. The hedge was a bit overgrown and its branches had started to block the pavement in front of the property.

As a result of the local gardeners’ work, the front garden of this property was neat and tidy again. The gardeners managed to complete the entire job in 2 hours. That included the hedge trimming, weeding of the gravel area, as well as trimming of a small bush, too.

Step 1: Talking through the client’s priorities and machinery preparation

The first thing the gardeners did when they arrived was to talk to the client and listen to his priorities. Then they unloaded the equipment and got to work.

Step 2: Hedge trimming

While one of the local gardeners started trimming the hedge, the other one weeded the gravel area and sheared the small bush which is in the centre. They also sheared the small hedge which is on both sides of the walkway.

Step 3: Gathering the green waste

When the team finished the gardening tasks, they gathered all cut greenery in bags and loaded it in the van for disposal. And that was it. They left another happy client.

Please note that our garden maintenance tasks are hourly-based. The price above is valid for this project only as well as the work done.

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True professionals!
My front garden was in desperate need of proper maintenance. The Fantastic Gardeners did a great job trimming the hedges and weeding the gravel. I am very satisfied with the final results!
K. L.

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