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  • Installation & decoration available upon request
  • £20 off post-holiday collection when booked with delivery
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Due to seasonality, we are very sorry to tell you that Christmas tree delivery services are currently unavailable. Please excuse us for any inconveniences we might have caused. Feel free to call us on 020 3404 2272 with any additional questions regarding the gardening and landscaping services we offer.

What To Expect From Your Fresh Christmas Tree Delivery Service?

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We can deliver a fresh premium grade Nordmann Fir to your property, that's grown in Scotland and Denmark. And here's how this service usually goes:

  • Contact Us – All you need to do is tell us the dimensions of the tree and when you want it delivered to your doorstep between the 15th November and the 23rd December.
  • We Deliver Your tree – When the day for your live Christmas tree delivery comes, a gardener will bring a fine Nordmann Fir to your place at a convenient time.
  • Installation – First, your gardener will remove a small piece from the trunk. That will improve the absorption of water and will prolong the vitality of the tree. Then, he will mount it in the stand and situate it wherever you wish, but away from heat sources. After making sure that the tree is standing straight, the gardener will fill the stand with water and clean up any debris that might be left.
  • Decoration – If you are too busy to prepare the Christmas tree for the festivities yourself, you can have a helpful technician do that for you.
  • Christmas Tree Collection and Disposal – When the holiday season is over you can have your Christmas tree collected from your property. This service is available between the 2nd and the 31st of January.
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Simply Choose a Real Christmas Tree from the Prices List!

Fantastic Gardeners offers you a price that suits you, destroys competition and meets service quality. Feel free to combine delivery and disposal as shown below to grab a special price! If you're now wondering how much does a real Christmas tree cost, look below:

 4-5 ft tree5-6 ft tree6-7 ft tree7-8 ft tree
Tree Price SOLD OUT£59£69£79£89
Tree + Stand and installation SOLD OUT£77£85£95£109
Tree + Stand and installation + Disposal* SOLD OUT£112£120£130£144
Tree + Disposal SOLD OUT£94£104£114£124
Disposal Only SOLD OUT£55£55£55£55
Decoration/Removal of Decoration SOLD OUT£32£32£32£32
Note: Delivery of Christmas trees to your door is always included in the price. Decoration is done with your own materials in 1-3 tube zones only. The minimum you can book for decoration is £32 (1 person x 2h).
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Frequently asked questions

Why should I pick a Nordmann Fir Christmas tree?

This type of fir is known for its excellent needle retention, gorgeous dark green colour and durability. It’s perfect for hanging heavy ornaments and its soft foliage makes it child- and pet-friendly.

How long will my Nordmann Fir last?

Water it regularly. Keep the water level above your tree’s base and you will be able to enjoy it for up to four to six weeks. This means you can erect your tree in November.

Is Nordmann Fir suitable for people with allergies?

This is the perfect choice for people suffering from allergies. Nordmann Fir has wax-coated needles which prevent the allergy-inducing particles from releasing into the air.

How to determine how wide my Christmas tree will be?

There is a general rule that the widest point of the Christmas tree girth is usually a little less than half of the tree's height. That means that a 6ft tall tree will be around 2.9ft wide at it's widest point.

How to determine what size my Nordmann Fir should be?

To pick the right size of Christmas tree, you need to measure the height to your ceiling and the width of the room. Remember to maintain a distance of about a meter between the ceiling and your tree. You will need this space for the topper and your tree stand.

What does non-drop Christmas tree mean?

Nordmann Firs are classified as non-drop Christmas trees due to their ability to retain their needles for a lot longer than other varieties. That allows people to put them up earlier and enjoy their green foliage and pleasant scent for a longer period. This is the Christmas tree variety that lasts the longest.

How to determine what size the Christmas tree stand should be?

For small 3-4ft trees you can get a small cinco stand, which is 3" x 11" and can contain 3 litres of water. For firs which are between 5-7ft you should get a medium cinco stand, which is 5.5" x 14.5" and can contain 4 litres of water. For 8ft Christmas trees you should get a large cinco stand which is 6" x 19" and can hold as much as 7 litres of water.

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