Expert garden paving services in London

Installation of various types of natural stone and paving slates

  • Complete service: from levelling to re-pointing
  • We can deliver all needed materials
  • Done by experienced, fully equipped landscapers
  • Service available on weekends
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Paving Service For Any London Property

As part of the general landscaping, we are able to provide you with a flexible paving London service. It's streamlined, time-saving, and suitable for all kinds of properties.

So discuss your landscaping project with us whenever it is convenient for you and let's arrange a viewing of your property. We are going to send an expert landscaper to your place who will survey the site. You will be able to talk out the matter of paving with him, be it for your garden, driveway, and so on. He will share his professional opinion with you and offer you some useful advice.

  • Service Benefits
  • What's Included
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Our Paving Service?

Doing it the right way takes precision and experience in the craft. And Fantastic Gardeners definitely have these two qualities. The experts will make sure that the job is done right – every block or stone will be placed correctly. But a well-done job is just one of the many benefits that come with our service. Here are some other examples:

  • No-obligation viewings of properties within the M25 zone.
  • A final quote for your service, no hidden charges to follow.
  • Flexible work hours, services on weekends.
  • A wide range of materials you can choose from for your place.
  • Professional paving suitable for all kinds of properties.
  • Combine with other services such as decking for additional discounts.
  • A well done paving job increases the value of your place.

So, are you ready to improve your property? Then give us a call today let us know when would be the best time for a visit by one of the landscapers. You can also make arrangements online – either chat with us or fill in the booking form. Our customer care staff will provide you with any additional info you might need.

What Does Our Paving London Service Include?

With the help of Fantastic Gardeners, you can get:

  • Garden paving
  • Laying paving slabs
  • Walkways paving
  • Paving maintenance,
  • Laying a patio,
  • Driveway design,
  • Block paving,
  • Bradstone paving,
  • Sandstone paving
  • Paving stones

However, before they start working on anything mentioned above, a survey of your property must take place first. In other words, we are going to send one of the landscapers to take a look at your property. It would be best if you are there yourself to consult with the specialist and explain exactly what you want. He will be able to offer his professional opinion and offer you some useful advice. Once the survey is done, we are going to contact you within 3 days with an offer for the job. The quote we give you is final and it will include the costs of the materials that will be necessary for the completion of your project. In case you are content with the price that we offer you, then we are going to set a date for when the team will come and complete the job.

Q: Do I need a planning permission for a patio or a driveway?
A: You don’t have to apply for a planning permit if the materials used for paving a permeable.

Q: What type of pavings slabs can you work with?
A: We can lay any types of pavings, depending on your choice and needs. The most common types of paving slabs we lay are limestone, Indian sandstone, block paving, and other.

Q: How do I maintain a patio or a driveway?
A: It’s easy to maintain paved outdoor spaces. All you have to do is clean it with a jet washing machine from time to time. The patio cleaning service we offer removes build-up dirt, grime, moss and stains from any hard surface.

Q: Will the colour of my paving slabs fade with time?
A: It’s normal for concrete pavers and natural stones to lose some of their colour over time due to constant sun exposure and harsh weather. If you’re worried about fading, we recommend using Vitrified paving, as it’s colour fades slower.

Q: How can I keep weeds from growing between the slabs?
A: We always lay a heavy-duty anti-weed membrane before laying the pavers. This way you don’t have to worry about weeds growing between the paving slabs.

Q: How much does patio laying cost?
A: As any other landscaping project, there aren’t any set prices for patio laying. The cost depends on the size of the area you want to be covered, what materials will be used, do you need anything else installed or built together with the patio. Once our landscapers inspect your property and discuss all of the details, you will receive a final quote about the job.

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