Professional decking installation and repair services in London

Installing, repairing & oiling all types of decking

  • Service which boosts property value
  • Using durable materials only
  • Re-oiling of existing deckings available
  • On-site viewing by experienced landscapers
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Get Decking Installation from the Skilled Experts

You can easily make your property more inviting from the outside with our decking London service. And once the landscapers are done building your house deck, you can start using it immediately. This will become a great spot for all kinds of activities and it will add tons of value to your place.

You are probably not entirely sure how to approach your decking installation project but have no worries! All you need to do is contact us and we will assist you all the way through with decking ideas and advice. Just leave all the planning and work to the skilled landscapers and enjoy the excellent results.

  • Why us?
  • How it works?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Garden Decking Installation With Us Is Simple And Time-Saving

We made sure that our professional decking services in London are among the most streamlined ways for you to get a high-quality garden decking. And here are some facts to back this up.

  • On-site viewings of properties available within the M25 zone.
  • We consult you and plan carefully before the work begins.
  • A team of diligent, hard-working landscapers ready to help you.
  • They bring all the necessary tools and equipment to finish the job.
  • A wide range of materials for you to choose from.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Your project will be finished on time even if the weather is bad.
  • Combine this service with others such as trellis installation for special deals.

Types of decking we can build:

  • Hardwood
  • Composite
  • Plastic
  • Timber

So you can call us today and talk to our friendly customer care staff regarding your deck installation service. They will be happy to answer all your questions and put you on schedule. Also, keep in mind that you can reach us online as well.

How Our Deck Installation Service Works?

Before the actual work begins, you have to make an appointment for a viewing of your property. Basically, one of the landscapers will visit your place to take a closer look and consult with you. He will make sure to understand exactly what you want. After the survey, we are going to contact you in about 3 days with a quote for the job. And finally, if you are happy with the offer, a final date will be set for when the team will come to your property and complete the project.

Building A Deck In London In 4 Simple Steps

  1. Survey – We are going to send an expert landscaper to your place who will inspect the area where the decking will be built. This would be a great time to consult him regarding the materials that will be used.
  2. Quote – After the survey, we are going to contact you within 3 days with a final quote for the job that will include the costs of the materials used and the labour.
  3. Set A Date – If you are happy with the quote, then all that is left is for the landscapers to actually come to your place and complete the job. So just tell us when do you want the team to come.
  4. Building The Deck – The area where your decking will be built is going to be cleared and levelled if necessary. Also, it will be covered with a special anti-weed membrane to ensure that the pesky plants won’t resurge from underneath. After this, a base from the deck will be constructed. Finally, the deck will be fitted together and you can start using it immediately.


Q: Do I need a planning permission do build a deck in my garden?
A: You don’t need a planning permit as long as your decking’s height is no more than 30cm, it’s not withing 20 metres of a motorway and it doesn’t cover more than 50% of the garden area. We suggest you always consult with your local council before undertaking any constructions.

Q: My garden is slopy. Can I still have a decking?
A: Yes, it’s even easier to build a deck on a slope.

Q: How long will my deck last?
A: Deckings are built from weather-resistant wooded on composite materials. With proper maintenance and care, your deck should last up to 15 years before it needs any repairs.

Q: Can you install lights on the decking?
A: Yes, we can install garden lights if you want us to. We suggest you use LED lights as they are energy-efficient and don’t heat up.

Q: Is it safe to walk on a wet decking?
A: Yes, it is. Just remember to regularly clean it from surface deposits such as moss, algae and mildew. Give your decking a good pressure washing twice a year to keep it clean.

Q: Can you repair or replace chipped or broken decking boards?
A: Yes, we can. We offer an outdoor repairs service where we tackle such projects.

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