Sturdy outdoor repairs and weather-proofing in London

Painting, felting, pointing, oiling - we do it all!

  • Professional shed roof felting
  • Repairs of deckings, wood gates and fences
  • Re-pointing and paving repairs
  • Oiling, staining and painting of wood surfaces
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Get Expert Help for Various Outdoor Repairs!

Need a hand fixing that shed? Fantastic Gardeners can provide you with full-service outdoor repairs in London. All it takes is a quick call and the specialists will be on their way soon enough to fix whatever needs fixing in your yard.

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Take A Closer Look At The Outdoor Renovation Service

  • Shed Repairs – In case that old shed of yours is in need of some extensive repairs, you can absolutely trust the gardeners with the job. Be it new hinges or a new door, the experts will handle the job with ease.
  • Shed Roof Felting – If your shed’s roof is leaking or showing signs of water damage, we can take the necessary measure to fix the problem for you.
  • Fence Repairs – Replacement of wooden or concrete poles, or the entire fence panels themselves.
  • Fence Protection – This includes oiling, staining or painting, followed by an application of special coating that will protect your fence from sunlight, rain, and wind.
  • Decking repairs – If the elements have worn down your decking, then your trusty specialists can restore the functionality and good looks of your Sunday relaxation area.
  • Gate Repairs – From minor repairs to complete replacement of the gate, you can trust us for the job.
  • Time-efficient and easy way to keep the outdoors of your property in top shape;
  • There are no seasonal or weather limitations to our services, you can always count on us;
  • Flexible booking options are available all week long, even on official bank holidays;
  • Combine this service with garden clearance or tree surgery for maximum results and considerable savings;

Contact us at any time and explain exactly what you need for your property. Schedule an appointment for a day and time that suit you best. Soon the gardeners will be on their way to aid.

When the specialists arrive at your property, they will be able to evaluate the work and give you a final quote for the job. After this, they will get to work right away. Make sure to share if you have any specific requests, the gardeners will be happy to provide you with professional advice and carry out any task as per your particular instructions.

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