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Tree surgery services we offer in London

Get crown reduction, thinning and lifting in London from certified tree surgeons

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Protect buildings, parked cars, paths and more while preventing your trees from looking overgrown, overloaded with dead branches, or strangely misshapen. Use our service for crown reduction, crown lifting, or crown thinning in London to have experienced, certified tree surgeons provide specialist care for the crown of any type of tree you may have on your property.

With extensive experience caring for trees of all sizes, ages, and species, our professionals will ensure your trees are always left happy and healthy. You can have us perform a crown lift on a tree, reduce the volume of a crown, as well as deliver all other aspects of tree care.

Contact us today to get a free quote on crown reduction, thinning, or lifting for any tree. Your quote will be confirmed onsite when your team arrives.

Tree crown reduction

The goal with tree crown reduction is to enable your tree to become more stable and have a good basis for future growth. A beneficial side-effect of this is that the amount of dead wood near the interior of the tree will be removed and more sunlight will be able to penetrate through the canopy.

The actual process of tree crown reduction involves a qualified tree surgeon assessing your tree and then cutting it down to the level of secondary branches. This involves removing the primary branches and foliage at the top of the tree as they go. This might sound harsh. But it is, in fact, a proven horticultural method that is good for the health of your tree.

Tree crown thinning

Key signs that your tree has a crown that may need thinning is that it looks a little unhealthy - there may be a lot of dead or diseased wood - or overloaded. You may also spot that there are a lot of crossing branches within the crown.

When thinning the crown of a tree, our tree surgeons remove branches with the goal of making the crown even, focusing on areas that are overcrowded or which have unhealthy growth. When handled by experts, crown thinning gives a tree a chance to retain its natural growing cycle while also improving light penetration and dispersal.

Tree crown lifting

Crown lifting a tree refers to the practice of removing lower branches, making it appear as if the crown of the tree has been raised. This is the service you need if your tree has lower branches that are causing problems to other plants, buildings, vehicles, people, or your view.

The fully qualified tree surgeons we send to take care of your crown lifting in London will be able to assess the best way to remove your tree's lower branches to retain or even improve its good health as well as its aesthetic qualities.

Crown reduction service in a London

Frequently asked questions

Why would crown reduction be needed?
The most common reason you might need a tree crown reduction in London - or anywhere else - is that your tree has become too large. This might mean the tree has long, overhanging branches which cause trouble with vehicles, may be dangerous in bad weather or be blocking light from your windows. If a tree has reached this stage, a crown reduction and general pruning may well be in the best interests of its health as well.
When is the best time of year for tree crown reduction?
Wintertime is the best time for deciduous trees to have their crowns reduced. You can request that crown reduction happen during times when a tree is in leaf. But we will usually advise you that it might be best to wait for a month or two. Rest assured, no matter what time of year it is, you will always get frank, expert advice from one of our highly experienced tree surgeons.
Why would crown thinning be necessary?
Thinning the crown of a tree can be a good idea for a tree's health, as the process includes the removal of dead wood, and weak or crossing branches. Another major reason is to reduce the "sail effect" of the tree's crown, reducing the amount that the wind will cause it to sway or bend. You might also book some crown thinning for a tree if the canopy is very thick and preventing light from penetrating.
When is the best time to get a crown lift?
The ideal time for performing crown lifting on a tree is during its early life. With proper management, this will encourage the tree to grow in a healthy, practical shape right from the start. The earlier you choose to lift a tree's crown, the more likely it is not to need you to repeat the process in future.
Why would I need a tree's crown lifting?
Lifting the crown of a tree is the solution when the lower branches are causing problems for plants or people or when there is not enough light getting through to the base of the tree.
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