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What does the stump grinding and removal service entail?

Stump Grinding And Removal in a London Property

Fantastic Gardeners work with certified, skilled, and fully insured arborists, whose proven, extensive expertise makes them a second-to-none choice when it comes to stump removal jobs.

With us, your stump grinding service will be executed in a safe and efficient manner to meet the highest of your expectations. Our expert stump removal services are designed to eliminate the stump of a tree that has been cut down. We follow all industry-standard practices and perform the required survey to pinpoint and avoid any underground utilities if needed during the removal process.

The stump removalists will use advanced, high-powered machinery to grind the tree stump, regardless of its size. The machine has both above-ground and underground cutting capacity, meaning the tree stump will be removed with minimum disruption of the landscape. The technicians can fill the hole and level the ground, as well as clear the site from all debris, upon request. Up to one black bin bag of organic waste disposal is included in the service. So, it’s up to you if you wish anything extra to be discarded at an additional cost or you’d rather have the sawdust turned into mulch or compost for your future gardening needs.

Note that we also specialise in professional tree felling and removal services, so if you need a tree removed for any reason, you can count on a team of arborists to cut the tree, remove the stump and grind it, according to your requirements. Entrust your tree surgery needs to us!

What are the risks of leaving a tree stump behind and when should you remove it?

Not removing a tree stump from your garden plot can cause a variety of problems. Firstly, it is a hazardous obstacle, especially if you have small children, who may trip while playing in the garden. In addition, the stump can initiate the onset of tree rot, fungal infection, and mildew, which can easily affect other plants and vegetation.

Also, stumps left in the ground can produce new shoots from the base during the growing season, making them even more unsightly looking among your well-cared-for plant varieties or on your neatly trimmed lawn.

And last but not least, the remnant of a cut-down tree can harbour a colony of ants or termites, as well as wood-boring beetles and other insects, which would not take long to cause a full-blown infestation. This can compromise the integrity of your property or have an adverse effect on your plant life.

stump grinding machine removing a stump in a London property

Frequently asked questions

Q: What about the hole in the ground?
A: The technicians can fill the hole for you with the wood chips and some dirt. The ground will be levelled, so you can grass it if the tree stump was removed from your lawn area. Or maybe, you’d want a new tree variety planted in the freshly created hole.
Q: What else can I use the wood chips for?
A: You can easily add the remnants of your tree stump to your compost bin or turn them into mulch, both ideal for your garden plants’ needs, be it to fertilise and enhance the texture of your garden soil or improve its water-retention properties by spreading mulch around some of your plant varieties.
Q: Can you remove the debris from stump grinding if I don’t need to use them in any way?
A: If you request it in your booking details, we can dispose of the debris for an extra charge.
Q: How long does it take to remove a tree stump?
A: Small stumps don’t take more than a quarter of an hour to remove, whereas larger ones may need a good hour to be completely cut through, excavated and ground to a pulp.
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