Professional ivy trimming or removal in London

Book competent and careful workers to remove or trim ivy and protect your property or other plants from damage caused by this destructive climber.
  • Book trained and licensed arborists who're able to work at heights
  • Flexible booking times and contactless or minimum contact services
  • Rates are inclusive of labour and all equipment provision
  • Removed or trimmed ivy can be taken away for disposal
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How an ivy removal service in London is completed

Ivy removal in a London property

When your workers arrive, they'll survey the garden and buildings taking note of all the ivy that needs to be removed or trimmed. If you're able to discuss your requirements with them, so much the better. If you require a contactless service you'll be asked to provide detailed instructions in advance and if possible to be available for a phone consultation.

Before starting work your arborists will put on protective clothing, including gloves and long-sleeved shirts. When cut, ivy secretes oil which can be a skin irritant.

If you just need the ivy cut back this will be done according to your instructions and in such a way that the trimmed greenery no longer poses a risk of damaging other plants or structures. Your team will ensure that the remaining greenery looks neat and tidy. When you've requested total ivy removal in London the plant is carefully prised away from the structure it's covered and a herbicide is applied to the roots to prevent regrowth.

All trimmed ivy is bagged up for disposal. The removal of up to one black bin bag of green waste is included in the cost of your service, a small disposal fee applies to anything in excess of this. All removed waste is disposed of legally and in line with local regulations or by laws.

An expert team to help you resolve ivy related problems

  • Choose Fantastic Gardnerers for ivy control in London and you'll be booking experienced arborists who've been working with this tricky plant for many years.
  • Whether you're looking for total removal or just want to bring your climber within bounds your service will be tailored to your requirements.
  • We serve both domestic and commercial clients and in addition to the reduction or permanent removal of your ivy we can also facilitate the repair of any damage caused to walls, fences or roofs, and the cleaning of brickwork.
  • Your team will leave areas they've worked on neat and tidy, all ivy trimmings and any trimmed tree branches will be collected up and can be disposed of.

Why ivy causes problems in gardens

While ivy can be attractive it is a very vigorous woody climber. As well as roots at the base it also sends out aerial roots while climbing. These roots, also known as tendrils, cling to underlying plants or structures such as fences, sheds, or property walls. Removing the ivy often results in the tendrils being left behind which looks very messy. Apart from aesthetic considerations, ivy can cause other issues including:

  • Allergic reactions on contact with the plant especially when trimming or disturbing it.
  • Tendrils breaking up or cracking render, either when growing or on removal.
  • Damage to wooden structures such as fences, window frames or sheds.
  • Ivy at roof height can lift tiles compromising the integrity of the roof.
  • Discolouration of brickwork and damage to mortar or cement beds.
  • Overwhelming and strangling trees, stunting or even killing them.
  • Providing habitat to pests including insects and rodents.
Gardener removing ivy in a London property

Frequently asked questions

Q: Which is the best season to have ivy cut back?
A: If you're seeking to stimulate growth, ivy should be cut back in late winter or early spring. Removal can be done year-round.
Q: Is it possible to mow over ivy?
A: Yes, it's possible. However, this is not a service we currently offer.
Q: Can I combine ivy trimming or removal with other gardening work?
A: Yes, of course. If you have other jobs you need done in the garden we can take care of them. Combine your ivy removal in London with hedge trimming, lawn care or any of our other gardening services.
Q: How often does ivy need trimming?
A: It does depend on the specific species and its position in your garden or on your property. Typically, English ivy needs trimming every other year but in some circumstances, it may need to be done on a yearly basis.
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