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  • All equipment is petrol-powered - no need for electricity
  • Only industry standard top dressing will be used
  • Special seed coatings
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How our top-dressing service in London is performed

Lawn Top Dressing And Overseeding in London

We’ll park nearby your property and unload all the necessary materials and equipment. This will include our high-end grass top dressing that’s been repeatedly tried and tested to reduce the potential risk of weeds.

Once on-site, our first job will be to take a sample of your soil to establish its pH level. Why do we do this? To ensure that the top dressing soil we use is appropriate for your specific lawn, as it will eventually be incorporated into the root zone.

This dressing will be applied with the aid of a machine that’s designed to ensure an even spread, and then be carefully brushed in, resulting in a perfectly even surface.

Once the procedure is complete, you should water your lawn daily, especially during dry weather. Moreover, we would recommend that you not mow your lawn again until your grass is approximately 5cm in length.

Why use Fantastic Gardeners' Top-dressing and Re-seeding Services

  • We do all the hard work giving you more time for relaxation.
  • Ensure the right topsoil is used to help improve drainage and give you a thick and dense lawn.
  • Offer you a refined overseeding process that improves both germination and growth, made possible by the best quality topsoil.
  • Give you advice as to how to carry out lawn maintenance on-going.
  • Present other services that you can combine with your order such as our lawn aeration, lawn scarification, and general garden maintenance. So anytime you need reliable lawn care, you can count on us.

A comprehensive guide to our lawn overseeding service in London

Having a green and healthy lawn is any passionate gardener's dream. Book with Fantastic Gardeners and you’ll be able to choose the type of seeds you want from our catalogue to make your vision come true!

Decide between fine-fescue, rye-grass, shaded lawn grass, as well as specially coated intelligent seeds, and even more wide-ranging options. Remember, the seeds you choose will be integrated into your lawn to improve the colour, help infill damaged and bare patches, in addition to promoting a thicker, denser, and more luxuriant appearance.

When overseeding your lawn, we’ll use different methods that involve the use of specific spreaders and drill seed machines. Although we would advise that this be carried out after top dressing service - this will prevent the seeds from being buried too deeply.

Lawn reseeding service in a London property

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there a top dressing lawn service near me?
A: It couldn’t be easier to find out! Simply enter your postcode online.
Q: During overseeding should the grass seeds be covered?
A: Usually, your existing grass will provide enough shade and cover. However, if your lawn is thin and of poor quality, the soil will need to be raked over the seeds to give them a protective covering.
Q: What time of the year is best for laying grass seeds?
A: During early autumn when daytime temperatures are moderate and your soil is warm. In this period germination will occur between just 7 and 21 days, and daily temperatures are typically above 13⁰C, which improves the likelihood of it being successful.
Q: Do you use special fertilisers during top dressing?
A: Yes we do - they're typically mineral-based and soluble in water. Our range of fertilisers includes nitrogen, ammonium nitrate, urea, as well as an aqueous solution of ammonia and sodium nitrate, in addition to potassium, and superphosphate.
Q: How successful is your overseeding process?
A: Approximately eight weeks after your service you should notice one new grass sprout for every three inches of turf. Remember that over time this young grass will establish and spread to eventually cover your entire lawn.
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