Start growing your garden up with trellis Installation in London

Or secure an outdoor privacy area with a beautiful trellis

  • Durable materials of highest quality
  • Proper display of delicate and mature crawling plants
  • Professional advice about plants that best fit your trellis
  • Improving the aesthetics of your garden
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Trellis Installation London Service For Any Property

You can get really creative with all kinds of plants when your property is equipped with sturdy trellises. And with our trellis installation London service, you can easily get the particular framework that will suit your property just fine.

Simply make an appointment for a viewing of your property today and consult with one of the landscapers for your fence trellis building. You can discuss the type of trellises that you'd like to see erected at your place and maybe even the plants and flowers that they will be supporting. Keep in mind that you can book this with a planting service and benefit from a significant discount.

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Why Choose Our Trellis Fencing London Service?

Our landscaping services are quite streamlined so the trellis fencing service is something that we take care of with ease. Keep in mind that you can choose from all kinds of materials and products, which we will supply you with so there is no need for you to waste your time with shopping. Also, our services come with a number of exceptional advantages. For example:

  • A no-obligation survey will be performed of your property. All surveys are charged £15.
  • After the viewing, you get a final price quote for the job.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Service carried out by experienced and diligent landscapers.
  • You will receive some pretty useful advice from the experts.
  • This is an insured service.
  • You can combine the trellis fitting with another service, for example artificial grass laying, get a discount.
  • This landscaping procedure will increase the value of your property and make more inviting.

So, you can make the first step towards getting your new trellis panels installed today by contacting us. You can give us a call at any time, our friendly customer care staff are waiting and they will provide you with any info you might need. Also, you can start a live chat session with one of the operators if calling is not your thing.

How The Trellis Building Service Is Carried Out?

Before the landscapers actually come to your property to carry out the job, you need to make an appointment for a viewing of your place. We’ll send one of the specialists to take a look at the site in order to determine the level of work that will be necessary as well as the materials that will be used. After the survey, we are going to contact you within 3 days with a final quote for the job. In case you are happy with the offer, we are going to set a final date for when the landscapers will come to install your trellises. And usually, here is how they do it:

  1. The first thing that hey will do is to prepare the area. This might require some clearing of plants.
  2. Your trellises will be fitted together with reliable fastenings.
  3. The landscapers are going to test whether the trellises are installed sturdily.

Q: How tall can a trellis be?
A: The regulations about trellis height may vary in different areas so it’s better to check with your local council for more information on the topic. Usually, the permitted height is 2 metres.

Q: Do I need a planning permission to build a trellis in my garden?
A: If the trellis does not exceed the allowed height you won’t require a permit from your local council. However, if you want to install a trellis on top of an existing fence, it better to check with the authorities.

Q: Can you attach a trellis to a wall without drilling?
A: Yes, we can. There’s a way to mount the trellis to the side of your house without drilling the facade.

Q: Can I build a trellis along my neighbour’s fence?
A: You can, but it’s better to ask your neighbours beforehand if the trellis must be attached to the fence. As long as it’s on your property and you’re not damaging or altering your neighbour’s fence there shouldn’t be a problem.

Q: What type of trellises can you build?
A: We can build and install all types of trellises. You just have to specify where you want us to install it and its size. For example, we can build basic panel trellis, fence trellis, wall trellis, planter trellis, and arch trellises.

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