Expose your garden day and night with a garden lighting installation service

Electrical, solar, LED lights and more

  • Illuminate certain features of your garden
  • Secure your garden from intruders
  • Electrical lighting installed by a certified electrician
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Get Your Outdoor Lighting Installation in London from Real Experts

You can make your garden even more inviting by using our outdoor lighting installation London service. This alone opens up all kinds of possibilities on how you're going to use your green space from now on.

We can provide you with a garden lights installation anywhere in the capital, no matter the type of your property. And you can choose from so many designs and styles. Be it LED, electric, or even solar lights, you can be sure that we can fit them to your garden, deck, patio, or any other green space around your property.

So contact us today and tell us all about your ideas regarding outdoor lighting. We are going to make sure that you will get exactly what you want.

  • Why us?
  • What's included?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Our Garden Lighting London Service?

Be it outdoor led lighting or solar garden lights, they will be installed correctly and you can’t start using them right away after the service. Also, this improvement to your property will surely increase its value. However, this is only one of the many benefits that are available for you. Here are some other examples:

  • You will be able to enjoy your garden during night time.
  • Holding parties and other events is now going to be much easier.
  • Your garden becomes safer to walk around at night.
  • Insured, diligent landscapers will work on your project.
  • We can deliver the materials and products to your place.
  • Combine this service with another, such as window boxes and get a discount.

So, are you ready to make your garden even more lively and beautiful? Then just contact us and set an appointment for a viewing of your property.

What Does Our Garden Lighting Service Include?

From patio lights installation to electric garden lights, we do it all with dedication and precision. However, before any work at your property commences, you must make an appointment for a viewing. You will be charged nothing. Basically, we are going to send one of the landscapers to your place to take a look around. He will consult you to understand exactly what you are aiming for and determine the amount of work that will be necessary for the completion of your service.

After the survey, we are going to contact you within 3 days with a final quote for the service. If you find the price agreeable, then we are in business. We can bring all the materials and lighting that will be installed at your place. Keep in mind that these costs will be included in the final quote we offer you. We’ll set a date for when the landscapers will come to your place and complete the job.

Keep in mind that before the installation of lights takes place, maybe some kind of garden clearance would be needed.

Q: Where can you install outdoor lights?
A: We can install garden lighting systems onto decks, patios, along pathways and driveways, on stairs, and fences. All you have to do is point us where you want the lights and we’ll create a lighting plan for you and do everything, including wiring and attaching.

Q: Can you string lights on an outdoor tree?
A: Yes, we can. We can help you illuminate your garden by decorating trees and shrubs with string lights or by placing solar lights in garden beds.

Q: How big should outdoor lights be?
A: The size of the exterior lights depends entirely on the surface or area you want to illuminate. You can’t install the same size outdoor lights on a decking and a front door. If you schedule a property viewing, you can discuss details such as size and style with our experts.

Q: Why should I consider installing outdoor lights?
A: One of the main reasons you should install exterior lights is security. If you illuminate dark areas on your property, you will discourage burglars from entering. Another reason you should take into consideration is safety – you can light pathways, driveways and steps, ensuring your family and guests won’t trip and fall. And the last advantage of lighting is you can use it to accentuate outdoor features.

Q: How much does outdoor lighting installation cost?
A: As with any other landscaping project, there isn’t a set price for installing garden lights. The price depends on the materials used and the size of the area you want to be illuminated. We can give you a final quote after an on-site survey where one of our experts will discuss the job with you.

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