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Installing and repairing all types of fences

  • Personalised quote after a free on-site survey
  • Wide variety of fence types and posts
  • We provide quality weather-proof materials
  • Experienced & fully equipped landscapers
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Flexible Fencing London Service For Your Property!

The Fantastic Gardeners know how to install and repair any wooden fence, so it will last you and your garden as long as possible. A sturdy wooden fence is a necessity when it comes to yards and gardens. It provides privacy and helps make some designated spaces. However installing and repairing fence panels isn't easy.

Our London wooden fence installing service takes care of everything. We provide all necessary materials such as standard wooden lap panels or custom built close board panels. Should you like, we can make your posts out of wood or concrete, the technicians use their own tools as well. The size and colour of the fence panels is up to you to decide.

So contact us today and let's see how we can improve your garden fence.

FREE On-Site Survey
Wide Variety of Fence Types, Boards and Posts
5 Years Guarantee with Regular Maintenance
High Quality Weather- Proof Materials Used
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Why Choose Our Garden Fencing Service?

One of the best aspects of our services is that they are suitable for a wide variety of properties. Also, after the viewing of your place and the consultation with you, the gardeners will know exactly what kind of improvements you want for your property. However, in addition to the helpful service, there are a few additional advantages for you to enjoy.

  • On-site surveys of properties within the M25 area are FREE.
  • We come up with a final quote for the completion of your job.
  • There is a wide range of fencing materials you can choose from.
  • The gardeners are experienced and carry public liability insurance.
  • They use top-notch equipment and tools to do their job.
  • Book with any of our other services such as paving for a considerable discount.

So, are you ready to improve your property with some sturdy fences? Then all you need to do is give us a call to get started. Arrange your appointment for a survey and the experts handle the rest.

What Does The Fence Installation Service Include?

Well is there a particular fence that you really like and you’d like to see as part of your property, no matter its purpose? Alright then, we can install it for you. However, there is one thing that we need to do first. And that’s a survey of your property. So basically, we are going to send one of the landscapers to your place to take measurements and look around. Meanwhile, you can explain to him exactly what you want. While the specialist is there, he will be able to determine the level of work that needs to be put in your place so the job can be completed. All viewings within M25 are FREE of charge.

After the gardener leaves, we are going to contact you in about 3 or so days with an offer. This quote will be final and it will be including the costs of the materials that will be used. In case you are happy with said quote, then we can make further arrangements. The team of landscapers will come to your property whenever it is most convenient for you and install the fences that you’ve always wanted. Also, here are a few examples of what our service is suitable for:

  • Picket fences
  • Bamboo screening
  • Garden fence panels
  • Bamboo fencing
  • Garden screening
  • Willow screening

Are You Ready For Your New Fences?

Splendid! Then you are just a call away from having them installed by diligent professionals. Or if calling is not your thing, just use our contact booking form and we are going to contact you back soon.

Great Fencing Job, Much Obliged

My fence looks a whole lot better now when the Landscapers repaired it. I would have never managed to do this myself.

R. Bruce
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