Low maintenance artificial grass laying in London

Get the classic green lawn, but easier to maintain

  • Artificial grass doesn’t get muddy on rainy weather
  • Soft and realistic, durable to weather conditions
  • Reduces ground pollution
  • No more mowing or watering
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The Convenient Artificial Grass Laying London Service

Fake lawns are incredibly durable and require almost no maintenance. What more could a busy Londoner want? Artificial grass is kid friendly, easy to clean, doesn't get muddy in a rainy weather, doesn't need fertilising and doesn't lose its colour during the winter. Apart from lacking the fresh smell of real grass, it's better in all other aspects. It's no wonder why so many home owners, especially in London where it rains constantly, have decided to go with fake lawn installation.

If you too have decided to lay synthetic grass over your old lawn, then you've come to the right place. The Fantastic Gardeners can lay instant artificial grass on any part of your lawn. First however, we need to send over an expert to carry out a survey. Also, he will take a look at the site to determine the amount of work that will be necessary before the artificial turf laying. This way we will be able to come up with a final quote for your instant fake turf installation.

  • Why Fantastic Gardeners?
  • How we do it
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us For Artificial Grass Installation?

Because our service takes care of everything! From the artificial grass delivery to the installation and even the maintenance, Fantastic Gardeners can help you with every step along the way. In addition, there are many other advantages that are available to you. For instance:

  • An on-site survey will be performed first, to evaluate the work that needs to be done.
  • We give you a final quote for the job, there are no hidden charges.
  • Experienced, dedicated landscapers will take care of the artificial turf laying.
  • They use the latest professional equipment.
  • Combine this service with another one such as resin bound surfacing to get a discount. Flexible work hours and booking options.

Laying artificial grass comes easy to Fantastic Gardeners so take advantage of this convenient and time-saving service today! Just give us a call whenever you feel like it and let’s discuss exactly what you want. Keep in mind you can also contact us online.

This Is How We Do Fake Lawn Laying In The Capital!

  1. The area will be cleared of all vegetation.
  2. The ground will be levelled if necessary.
  3. A special membrane will be placed to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds.
  4. Your choice of artificial turf will be installed securely and you can start enjoying it.

However, before the landscapers come to your property to complete the service, they are going to have to take a look at it first. So we are going to send one of them to your place for a comprehensive survey. Best case scenario, you are going to be available to meet the landscaper and show him around your yard. You can consult the specialist regarding exactly what you want and he’ll be able to take the required measurements. After the survey we are going to contact you (usually within 3 days) with a final quote for the job. If you are happy with our offer, then we’re in business. Just tell us when do you want the team to come to complete the service. When the landscapers come to your place, they will bring all the necessary equipment and materials needed for the completion of the job.

Q: What can you lay fake grass on?
A: Artificial turf can be installed on pretty much every surface. As long as it’s smooth and there’s proper drainage, we can lay fake grass on paving slabs, concrete, deckings and patios.

Q: Can you lay artificial grass over real turf?
A: It’s possible but we don’t advise our customers to do it. Real grass is often uneven and can’t provide a smooth surface to lay the astroturf on. It will cause ripples and bumps in your newly laid turf. It will also be easier for weeds to appear and damage your lawn.

Q: How long does artificial grass last?
A: Most manufacturers guarantee a lifespan of up to 20 years. If you take proper care of your fake grass, that’s easily achievable.

Q: How do you maintain astroturf?
A: It’s pretty easy to maintain fake grass. All you have to do is brush it regularly, remove fallen leaves and clean any spills and pet messes. Rember to keep fire away from your artificial lawn as it’s easily flammable.

Q: What do you put under artificial grass when you install it?
A: We take extra effort to prepare the ground for laying fake grass. First, we remove the topsoil, then we spread a layer of anti-weed membrane. The next step is to add a layer of sand and gravel and level the ground. The last step before installing the turf is to add a layer of hard sand, making sure the surface is smooth and there are no bumps.

Q: Is artificial grass slippery when wet?
A: It’s a common belief that fake grass is slippery when wet. It actually applies to cheaper and poor-quality varieties. High-quality artificial turf requires the use of a special infill which prompts better drainage, thus allowing the water to escape the surface and preventing the grass from becoming slippery.

Q: How much does artificial lawn installation cost?
A: We don’t have a set price for lawn laying as each project is unique. The cost is calculated after one of our landscapers visits your property and evaluates the job. He will take into consideration the size of the area you want to be covered with fake grass, the type of turf and infill you desire, and the amount of ground preparation that needs to be done. After the survey, you will receive the final quote for the job.

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